CSV Upload - Unicode Characters

When you are uploading data via CSV file, you will sometimes need to upload data that contain unicode characters.

A good example of this would be uploading records that contain the Cyrillic alphabet (i.e. Russian)

With excel, you will need to transform the unicode characters into UTF-8 format. 

Transform Unicode to UTF - 8

  1. Open a blank excel sheet
  2. Select Data > Import External Data > Import Data
  3. Select your CSV file that contains the unicode characters. 
  4. Choose the dropdown next to File Origin and select "UTF - 8" or "UTF - 7" depending on what type of characters you are uploading. You'll see a preview of the file below it. 

  5. Select Next and proceed through the entire guided setup in the wizard. 
  6. Select Finished - This should transform all unicode characters.
  7. Save your file as a CSV  UTF - 8Save As - UTF 8 Encode
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