My Toolbar: View and Edit Your Toolbar

My Toolbar Overview

The custom toolbar is yet another way Kizen can be customized to fit your business. Customize your Kizen toolbar and access the most commonly used features and objects.

Personalize the toolbar by renaming the categories to your company lingo, add icons, and set colors to make them more accessible.

Use Kizen Toolbar to link your internal portal, company website, or any other frequently visited URL paths.

Create Toolbar templates that work best for different roles and share them with your team.

My Toolbar Sections

  1. My Toolbar: click here to build your own toolbar.
  2. Toolbar Templates: click here to view available toolbar templates, your access level and request access to additional toolbars.
  3. Preview section shows the preview of the toolbar as the changes are being made in live mode.
  4. Available Options section of available objects and new categories to add to your toolbar. Simply drag & drop to move it to Your Toolbar section. 
  5. Your Toolbar section is the toolbar builder where you to add, delete, rearrange and customize toolbar categories.



A category is as a dropdown menu option on your toolbar.

An object is a Kizen feature or a Custom Object (e.g. Contacts, Companies, Sales pipeline).

View Your Toolbar 

  1. Click on your initials or profile avatar in the top right corner.
  2. Select My Profile.2022-10-20_15-48-04.jpg
  3. Click on My Toolbar.2022-10-20_15-58-34.jpg

Edit Your Toolbar

    1. Navigate to Your Toolbar section
    2. Drag and drop to rearrange the categories. 2022-10-21_10-36-31__1_.gif


    3. Click on a category or object name and type to rename it.  2022-10-21_10-43-58__1_.gif


      Default Kizen features cannot be renamed: Dashboard, Activities, Automations, Forms, etc.

    4. Drag and drop an object from Available Options to add it to Your Toolbar. 2022-10-21_10-46-52__1_.gif
    5. Drag and drop a New Category from Available Options to add it to Your Toolbar.2022-10-21_10-58-10__1_.gif
    6. Drag and drop a New Custom URL from Available Options to add a URL link it to Your Toolbar. Next, Enter Display Name and Add URL path.2022-10-21_11-10-01__1_.gif
    7. Click on color icon to change the color of the category. 2022-10-21_10-48-45__1_.gif
    8. Click on the symbol to change the icon. 2022-10-21_10-53-06__1_.gif
    9. To delete an object or category from Your Toolbar click on Delete icon.2022-10-21_11-25-52__1_.gif
    10. Click Save to save the changes made to Your Toolbar.2022-10-21_12-21-24__1_.gif


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