Add, Edit, and Delete Team Member Permissions

Kizen Permission Groups

With Kizen's Permission Groups, you can restrict & enable access by role & user to virtually anything in Kizen, i.e., dashboards, contacts, custom objects, etc.

Access Permission Groups in:

  1. Settings
  2. Teams, Roles, & Permissions



Edit Permission Groups:

  1. Click +Add Permission Group
  2. Name Your Permission Group
  3. Toggle on an item to enable access for that Permission Group, toggle off to restrict access
  4. Objects will have a dropdown to further allow you customize the accessibility of information within that object. Click on the white dot associated with the permission type you would like to enable




Customize Permission Groups
 for team members on an individual basis.


In Teams, Roles & Permissions:

  1. Click Additional Permission Group under Team Members
  2. Add the Permission Group(s) you would like to add, you may select more than one



Assign Default Permission Group(s) to Roles:

  1. Click +Add Role
  2. Name Your Role
  3. Set Default Permission Group(s), you may select more than one





Updates & changes to Permission Groups are reflected in Dashlets & Timeline

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