Filters: Filter by Completed Activities

Completing an Activity is an effective way to track performance of your team and track milestones that have been met in your process. 

This filter functionality allows you to find Contact or Custom Object records that have a completed activity within a specific timeframe for a team member.

Adding a Completed Activities Filter 

    1. Click Data from the top menu bar
    2. Click Contacts or Custom Objects
    3. If Custom Objects, select the Custom Object you would like to view2022-10-11_05-13-27.jpg
    4. Click on Filter 
    5. Click on Choose Filter
    6. Select Logged Activities as the filter type                  2022-11-14_15-12-08.jpg                                                                          
    7. Select to filter by Any Activity or Specific Activity
    8. If selected by Specific Activity, click on the activity to filter by
    9. Select a time range
    10. Select what team member the activity is scheduled for
    11. Click Apply Filter2022-11-14_15-16-24.jpg
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