Filters: Filter by Form Submissions

Forms are a powerful tool that allow you to collect information from customers. Once a form is submitted, the customer's record or contact will be created or edited (if it already exists) on the related entity to store the information from the form.

The Forms Submission filter allows you to filter information collected from a selected form from any time in the past or from a specified range. The filter will return records based on information submitted on the form, NOT what is currently on the record.


Adding a Form Submission Filter

  1. Click Data from the top menu bar
  2. Click Contacts or Custom Objects
  3. If Custom Objects, select the Custom Object you would like to view mceclip0.png
  4. Click on Filter
  5. Select Forms as the filter type
  6. Select a form to filter by
  7. Select a time range
  8. Select a submission result
    • Note: "Any Answer" will return all forms submitted within the specified time range. "Specific Answer" will return all forms submitted with the specified answer during the specified time range, regardless of the information currently on the record. 
  9. If Specific Answer, select the field to filter on
  10. Choose a condition
  11. Choose an answer
  12. Click Apply Filter mceclip2.png
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