Filters: Filter by Team Interaction

Filter by Team Interaction is a powerful tool allowing you to view your team's activity and engagement with Deals, Companies, Contacts or any other records within a specific time period.

Use this filter to stay informed, reduce the risk of action items falling through the cracks, and gauge team's performance.

Add a Team Interaction filter

  1. Click on the Filter icon
  2. Select Team Interactions filter type
  3. Select Interacted With or Hasn't Interacted With
  4. Select to filter by a Specific Role, Specific Team Member, or Any 
  5. Select Role or Team Member name
  6. Select Time Frame: Any Time in the Past or In the Past # of Days2022-12-16_15-41-53.jpg


Last Modified Date will reflect when the record was updated last by any team member, not necessarily by the team member selected in the filter settings

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