Pipeline Filter: % Chance to Close

If you opted to include the % Chance to Close when adding a pipeline, you can use this field to search by or create filter groups for a specified value or range of values. 

Additional information on adding or editing % Chance to Close can be found here


Adding a % Chance to Close Filter

  1. Click Data from the top menu bar
  2. Click Custom Objects
  3. Select the Custom Object you would like to viewBoard_View_Settings_-_1.png
  4. Click on Filter
  5. Select Fields as the filter type
  6. Select % Chance to Close as the field
  7. Choose a Condition mceclip2.png
    • Note: "Is Blank" will ignore inherited values, which appear grey. "Isn't Blank" will only return manually entered values, which appear black. All other conditions will look at both inherited and manually entered values.
  8. Enter the value(s) to filter by
  9. Click Apply Filtermceclip0.png
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