Automation Action: Send Email to Related Contact

The Kizen Automation engine has an Action step allowing you to send emails to related Contacts on other Contact or Custom Object records.

This functionality is an efficient way to automate sending tailored communication to your leads/ existing customers/ operations records directly from the Custom Object.   

Example: Send Email to a Contact from a Sales Pipeline.

  1. Add an Automation.
  2. Click on + icon.
  3. Click on Add Action.2022-09-22_09-50-19.jpg
  4. Click on Send Email to Related Contact(s).2022-09-22_09-52-55.jpg
  5. Click on down arrow to Choose Related Object.
  6. Select Primary Contact Record or Additional Contact Records.


  1. Configure the Always Send Email from Owner toggle
    • Keeping it off will send from the email address or user selected in the Email Settings
    • Turning the toggle on, all contact(s) within the selected field will receive the chosen email from the owner of the entity that initiated this automation, regardless of email settings. 


  1. Click on Choose Email From Library or Create New Email.


  1. Click on Insert Merge Field. 


  1. Click on down arrow to Choose Object for a Merge Field.
  2. Click on Contacts or Custom Object.
    • Note: Custom Object Merge Fields are only available if the Automation is created under a Custom Object.


  1. Click Save.


  1. When the automation is complete, click Save.
  2. When you are ready for your automation to run, update the Active? Toggle


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Alternatively, you can use Cross-Object filtering to send emails to contacts who have an associated Custom Object record.

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