Automation Steps: Conditions

Automations allow you to automate and personalize your customer's journey. Automations can be used to follow up with leads, remind customers of other purchase opportunities, remind team members to contact a lead, and even send a customer a happy birthday message! 

Conditions are specific steps in an automation that ensure the automation includes the right records. 

Conditions Overview

Conditions are steps in an Automation that allow you to filter which records continue down a path. If the record matches all the conditions set, they will proceed down the "Yes" path. Otherwise, they will proceed down the "No" path.



The following Conditions are available to add to your Automations: 


  • Is In Group(s) - Send the record down the "Yes" Path if it is included in a saved Group
  • Is Not In Group(s) - Send the record down the "Yes" Path if it is not included in a saved Group
  • Custom Filters - Send the record down the "Yes" Path if it meets the criteria included

Custom Filters

The following filters are available:

  • Tags
  • Activities
  • Surveys
  • Forms
  • Pipelines
  • Team Association
  • Commerce
  • Lead Sources
  • Automations
  • Messages
  • Interactions



If you have multiple Custom Filters setup, use the Any and All buttons. These allow you to control what criteria is needed for the record to be included. 


  • Any - The contact must meet at least one of the filters to be included in the "Yes" path.
  • All  - The contact must meet all of the filters to the included in the "Yes" path.






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