Delete a Custom Field

Delete a Custom Field

  1. Click Settings from the top menu bar. 
  2. Click Customize Fields.
  3. Navigate to the Custom Object the Custom Field is related to and locate the Custom Field.
  4. Click on the ... Custom Field. 
  5. Click Delete.


  1. Confirm Delete. 
    • Note: This will permanently delete the Custom Field. Please ensure this custom field is not included on any forms, surveys, automations, or other tools in Kizen prior to deleting it. 




Before deleting a Custom Field, check to make sure this custom field is not:

We would recommend using the HIDE action to no longer display the custom field to end users instead of deleting the custom field. In the event the Custom Field needs to be re-added in the future, you can simply unhide it. 

Other Custom Field Actions

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