Dashlet Filters: All Time

Dashlet Filters Overview

Calendar and Team Filters located to the right of the Dashboard name allow you to view data for a specific period of time and/or by specific team members. The filter is applied to all Dashlets within the Dashboard you are currently viewing. 


When you select 'All Time' in the calendar filter, some Dashlets will show you the data for all past and future dates, and some only for the past up to today's date as there are no “future” data points. 



Dashlets That Show the Entirety of All Data Points, Past to Future:


  • Scheduled Activities - should show the entirety of all Scheduled Activities, past to future.


  • Opportunity Conversion - should include all deals and calculate based on an end date of “today”.
  • Sales Leaderboard with Projections - should show all closed and open deals (with relative % weights for blue lines).
    • Note: Remove Goal Line, thus, there will never be a red bar for below quota.

Dashlets That Show Data Points from Business Creation Through Today's Date:


  • Number of Activity Submission 


  • Deal Records Added
  • Deal Records Lost 
  • Pipeline Value Over Time 
  • Stages Over Time




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