View Your Activity Dashboard

The Activity Dashboard allows you to view your upcoming activities, past due activities, and much more. 

View your Activity Dashboard

    1. Select Dashboard from the top menu bar. 
    2. Locate the Scheduled Activities dashlet.

Sort your Activity Dashboard

The Scheduled Activities dashlet defaults to sorting by the earliest due date. To sort activities by another field, click the Screen_Shot_2021-09-28_at_3.03.21_PM.png icon next to the header name. 

The Scheduled Activities dashlet can be sorted by the below fields:

  • Activity Name - The specific Activity you need to complete. 
  • Contact - Which customer or lead this activity is scheduled for. 
  • Assignee - Who this scheduled activity is assigned to. 
  • Due Date - The Date and Time this activity is due. 

Edit Columns on your Activity Dashboard

You are able to add or hide to your activity dashboard for more purposeful viewing.

  1. Click the Screen_Shot_2021-09-28_at_3.13.38_PM.png icon at the top right corner of your scheduled activities dashlet. 
  2. Find the field you would like to add or hide and click the ... 
  3. Click Show
  4. Click Save



Use the six dots to the left of each header name to reorder your columns. 

Past Due Activities

Past Due activities will be highlighted with a red Screen_Shot_2021-09-28_at_3.10.07_PM.png icon. 

Complete your Scheduled Activities

You can easily complete a scheduled activity from this dashboard.

Schedule Activities in the Future

Scheduling activities will help you keep track what needs to be completed when. You can easily schedule an activity from this dashboard.

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