Dashboard: Add Dashboards

Dashboard Overview.

Dashboards are a powerful tool used to consolidate Kizen data insights. Dashlets can be organized into a separate dashboard for specific roles or reporting purpose.

Create your own personalized Dashboard or share a Dashboard with other Team Members.

Add a Dashboard

  1. Click on Dashboard.
  2. Click on Dashboard name or down arrow. 
  3. Click on Edit Dashboards.2022-10-21_14-33-31.jpg
  4. Click on Add Dashboard.2022-10-21_14-36-26.jpg
  5. Type Dashboard Name.
  6. Set Sharing Settings:
    1. for All Team Members
    2. by Specific Role 
    3. by Specific Team Member
  7. Click Save.2022-10-21_14-38-49.jpg


Dashboard time zone reflects the time zone of the business not the time zone of the individual Team Member.

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