Dashlets: Leads Added

The Leads Added Dashlet shows a summary number or trend over time of new leads that have been added to your Kizen account.

The dashlet is not cumulative and shows leads added within a specific range (day/week/month).

Add Leads Added Dashlet


Create a separate Dashboard to track all Lead Source insights in one place. Learn how to Add a Dashboard here.

  1. Click on Dashboard in your Toolbar.
  2. Click Add Dashlet.2023-05-08_11-43-47.jpg
  3. Select Marketing.
  4. Select Leads Added.
  5. Select Objects: choose the objects that you track leads on, for example, Contacts and Sales Pipeline deals.
  6. Select the value to display - by the number of lead records or value.
    1. Note: The value option is only available on the objects where records have an assigned value (e.g. Sales pipeline).
  7. Optional: Apply Dashlet filters.
    1. Note: Dashlet filters can be only applied if one object is selected.
  8. Select summary or trend format.
    1. Move the toggle to add a historical comparison. 
  9. Optional: Name your dashlet.
  10. Click Add.


Reading the Leads Added Dashlet


Apply the Calendar filter to select a specific time window. 

Use the summary dashlet to view the total number of new leads and compare it to the previous period. 


Use the trend dashlet by # of records to identify significant increase or decrease in the incoming leads by day/week/month. 


Use the trend dashlet by # of records and a trend chart by values side by side to analyze leads quantity vs value. 



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