Dashlets: Leads Added by Source

Lead Sources can also be viewed by Source. Easily create a donut, a bar chart, or a trend graph to see what sources leads have come from, and which source generated the most leads.

Add Leads Added by Source Dashlet


Create a separate Dashboard to track all Lead Source insights in one place. Learn how to Add a Dashboard here.

  1. Click on Dashboard in your Toolbar.
  2. Click Add Dashlet.2023-05-08_11-43-47.jpg
  3. Select Marketing.
  4. Select Leads Added by Source.
  5. Select Objects: choose the objects that you track lead sources on, for example, Sales Pipeline deals.
    1. Note: Dashlet filters can be only applied if one object is selected.
  6. Select types of lead sources 
    1. Note: Leave blank, if you would like to select all.
  7. Select the value to display - by the number of lead records or value.
    1. Note: The value option is only available on the objects where records have an assigned value (e.g. Sales pipeline).
  8. Optional: Apply Dashlet filters.
    1. Note: Dashlet filters can be only applied if one object is selected.
  9. Select a donut, a bar, or a trend graph display option.
  10. Optional: Name your dashlet.
  11. Click Add.


Reading the Leads Added by Source Dashlet


On the donut and trend graphs, click on the lead source name to add or remove them from the dashlet data.

Unselect the prevailing source to drill down the breakdown of other sources. 

  • Donut chart
    • Use a donut chart for visualizing how each lead source contributed to the total number of leads. 


  • Bar chart
    • Use a bar chart to view lead sources as categories against the # of records. 


  • Trend chart
    • Use the trend chart to view lead sources breakdown at a specific time, not cumulative
    • Identify increases & decreases in new leads generated by different sources


Apply the Calendar filter to select a specific time window. 


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