Dashlets: Summary and Trend Email Dashlets

The Email Dashlets allow you to track the performance of your marketing campaigns, sales reach-outs, or any other communication broadcasts to contacts. The dashlets provide valuable metrics on emails sent, delivered, reported as spam, or resulted in contacts opting out. 

Emails included in the dashlets

Emails included in the dashlets:

  • Emails sent through Broadcasts
  • Bulk sends or single contact send through "Perform Action"
  • Email sent through Automations.

Emails excluded from the Dashlets:

  • Single sends
  • Emails sent via integrated inbox (Gmail or Outlook)
  • System emails (login, password reset, team member notifications)
  • SMS text messages

Add an Email Dashlet

  1. From your Dashboard, select Add Dashlet


  1. Select Emails
  2. Choose the Report Type: Email Complaint %, Emails Opt Out %, Emails Delivery % or Emails Sent 
  3. Select how to view the dashlet
    1. Summary - Count of emails during the selected timeframe
    2. Trend - Shows emails sent over time
  4. For Trend: Select the data point frequency - daily, weekly or monthly
  5. Optional: Name your Dashlet
  6. Click Add


Read the Email Dashlet Statistics

  • Email Complaint % - shows the percentage of emails reported as spam
  • Emails Opt Out %  - shows the percentage of emails that resulted in the contacts opting out (unsubscribing) from receiving further communication 
  • Emails Delivery % - shows the percentage of emails delivered to contacts' inboxes
  • Emails Sent - shows count of emails sent 


Individual filters are not available on Email Dashlets


Email Complaints and Emails Opt Out outcomes result in changing the contact email status to "Opted Out"

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