Dashlets: Email Interaction Stats

The Email Interaction Dashlet allows you to view metrics on historical email activity for one or all emails that have been sent. Trend lines of email delivery, opens, clicked, unsubscribed, or complained are all available to help you answer questions like, how many days should be between each email? How have my open rates trended over time? And much more!

Emails included in the dashlet

Emails included in the Dashlet:

  • Emails sent from Broadcasts
  • Bulk sends or single contact send through "Perform Action"
  • Emails sent through Automations.

Emails excluded from the Dashlet:

  • Single sends
  • Emails sent via integrated inbox (Gmail or Outlook)
  • System emails (login, password reset, team member notifications)
  • SMS Text Messages

Add Email Interaction Stats Dashlet

  1. Click on Dashboard
  2. Click on Add DashletPicture1.jpg
  3. Click on Emails
  4. Choose: Email Interaction Stats
  5. Choose Datapoint Frequency: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  6. (Optional) Name your Dashlet
  7. Click Save                                                                                                                                                    2022-12-16_13-57-42.jpg

Read the Email Interaction Stats Dashlet

  • Customize your Email Interaction Dashlet: settings & filter are "sticky" per team member meaning it will remember your settings each time you visit the dashlet
  • The section on the left shows all emails sent
    • Adjust the timeframe using the Calendar filter (see Dashlet Filters)
    • Search for a specific email template by typing the name in "Find Message" field
    • Switch to View All Email Stats to view all emails sent within the selected timeframe2022-12-16_14-31-53__1_.gif
  • The section on the right shows the trend lines of email delivery, opens, clicked, unsubscribed, or complained
    • Hover over the interaction lines to see the count of emails at different time periods
    • Filter by interaction: click on a category to select / unselect it from the trend2022-12-16_14-32-57__1_.gif



To compare two email templates performance, add two dashlets side by side


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