Email Dashlet Calculations

Kizen allows you to track performance of your marketing campaigns, sales reach-outs, and other communication sent via automations utilizing Summary and Trend Email Dashlets and Email Interaction Stats Dashlet.

In order to interpret the metrics correctly, it is important to differentiate the calculations behind these two types of dashlets. 

Calculations for Summary and Trend Email Dashlets

Summary and Trend Email dashlets aggregate the activity (sent/delivered/complained/opted out) of all time against the sent date of the email.

Sent Emails summary is the total of all emails sent on that date. 

This dashlet helps to answer the question: how are my campaigns performing over time?

Calculations for Email Interaction Stats Dashlet

Email Interaction Stats Dashlet attributes the activity to the date that activity (delivered/ opened/ clicked/ etc) occurred.

This dashlet helps to answer the question: how long should a delay be between emails in a campaign?

Email Interaction Stats: Cumulative vs Not Cumulative

  • Opened/Clicked/Opened Attachment/Unsubscribed/Complained: shows a cumulative running total for the interactions starting on the first date in the range2022-12-20_13-34-53__1_.gif
  • Delivered: not cumulative; shows emails delivered within the range2022-12-20_10-43-28__2_.gif

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