Dashlets: Lead Sources Breakdown Over Time

Lead Sources Breakdown Over Time dashlet shows a total aggregate of lead sources, as a trend. It  provides you with useful insights on how your marketing campaign is progressing and how many leads are added by each source. 

Add Lead Sources Breakdown Over Time Dashlet


Create a separate Dashboard to track all Lead Source insights in one place. Learn how to Add a Dashboard here.

  1. Click on Dashboard in your Toolbar.
  2. Click Add Dashlet.2023-05-08_11-43-47.jpg
  3. Select Marketing.
  4. Select Lead Sources Breakdown Over Time.
  5. Select Objects: choose the objects that you track leads on, for example, Contacts and Sales Pipeline deals.
  6. Select types of lead sources 
    1. Note: Leave blank, if you would like to select all.
  7. Optional: Apply Dashlet filters.
    1. Note: Dashlet filters can be only applied if one object is selected.
  8. Select trend format.
  9. Choose frequency (daily/weekly/monthly).
  10. Optional: Name your dashlet.
  11. Click Add.


Reading the Lead Sources Breakdown Over Time Dashlet

The chart shows cumulative data of all leads added by each source over time. This data can be used to analyze which marketing and sales initiatives work best and identify trends. 


Apply the Calendar filter to select a specific time window. 

Highlight an area of the chart to zoom in and drill down into the specific time period data. 



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