Unarchive Contacts

Unarchive Contacts allows you to recover (re-activate) previously archived (deleted) contacts from your Kizen account. 


The system recognizes if a user attempts to add a contact with an email that matches an archived contact's email in Kizen.

The pop-up window suggests two options: to unarchive the contact or create a new one.

  • If selecting to Unarchive a Contact, the contact's previously entered information is restored. 
    • The Timeline reflects the unarchive action.
    • All field values of the archived contact are restored.
    • Any field that was previously null, will be overridden with the new data.
    • Unarchiving a contact will not override relationship fields, if a new relationship is added.


  • If selecting to Create a new contact, none of the archived contact's field values or timeline populates into the information block or timeline.


To unarchive a contact, the email has to exactly match the archived contact's email.

Adding a contact with the same name as the archived record, but with a different or without an email, will not be recognized as an archived contact - a new record will be created.


Unarchive a Contact

  1. Click on Data.
  2. Click on Contacts.2022-11-30_16-48-18.jpg
  3. Click on New Contact.2022-11-30_16-48-28.jpg
  4. Enter Email that matches the contact's email that was previously deleted (archived), as well as any other details. 
  5. Click Save.                                                                             2022-11-30_16-48-44.jpg                                                                                     
  6. Click Unarchive in the pop-up message.                      2022-11-30_16-30-04.jpg                                              



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