Email Builder: Dynamic images rules and settings

Build emails that personalize the images included, based on a contact's interests, age, previous purchasing history, or any other information you are collecting! 

Save time by using the same block within an email to send content variants to target different contacts/groups.

Add an image 

  1. Select Platform in your Toolbar 
  2. Click on Library 
    1. Note: Depending on your Toolbar settings, Library may be located in a different place2023-05-08_14-59-01.jpg
  3. Select an existing email template or create a new one2023-05-08_14-59-31.jpg
  4. Drag a row content element2023-05-08_15-01-37__1_.gif
  5. Drag an image content element and select a default image for the template2023-05-08_15-06-33__1_.gif

  6. Click on the image content
  7. Navigate to image settings
  8. Click on Dynamic content2023-05-08_16-18-05.jpg
  9. Click on Edit Rules2023-05-08_16-21-06.jpg
  10. Review default image settings
    1. Note: when none of the specific conditions are met, this image will be sent by default. 
  11. Click Add Content Rules2023-05-08_16-22-52.jpg
  12. Select Is/Isn't in a Contact Group or a Custom Filter
  13. Select a specific group or set up filter parameters
    1. For example, the field value for industry equals "Automotive"
  14. Click on Change image to upload a specific image for this parameter
  15. Click Add Content Rule, if needed to add more parameters
  16. When done, click Save2023-05-08_16-31-05.jpg


The rules will be processed in order from top to bottom, and in the case of a contact meeting multiple rulesets, the first ruleset that the contact meets will be the content sent in the email.

If no rules are met, the default content will be sent.



To test send an email to a test contact that fits one of the set parameters. If you choose to send a test email, all dynamic options will show. 

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