Add a Form

Forms s in Kizen to help collect and consolidate the information you need on your prospects, clients, accounts, etc.

Add a Form

  1. Navigate to Platform
  2. Click into Form
  3. Click New Form
  4. Give the Form a name
  5. Choose Form Object: select which object you would like the Form to be related to, i.e., automatically add or update information on an existing Contact via form submissions


Form Settings

The Form Settings tab provides the following information:

  1. Hosted Form Link: this can be copied to send directly to a recipient in order to fill out a survey/form
  2. Website Embed Code: this allows us to embed a survey/form within an existing website
  3. Preview your Form
  4. Export Responses: this option creates a CSV file that shows a complete historical view of submitted responses
  5. Notifications: you may set this up to notify team member(s) by email or text when the form has been submitted



Click into Build to begin creating your form. The Build view operates similarly to the Kizen Email Builder, where you can drop Sections, Rows, & Content as needed.

Content Elements

Kizen provides the following Content Elements to build your Forms:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Divider
  • Button
  • Custom Field: Allow us to use fields that already live on a record in Kizen. Submitting a form with a Custom Field will automatically update the associated record with the information submitted.
  • Form Field: Customizable fields that can be used if a record does not need to be updated with the submitted information.
  • HTML Block: can embed HTML code (e.g. a video)

Form Pages

Form pages are useful for consolidating different forms in one place to be completed & submitted at the same time.

Create form pages by:

  1. Click into the Form Page dropdown
  2. Click Edit & Order Pages
  3. Click Add Page
  4. Rename your page as needed
  5. Reorder pages by clicking and dragging the six dots



Custom Fields on a submitted form that have not been completed will null any information existing in that field on the record.



ReCAPTCHA is available for forms.

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