Add an Activity

Add Activity

  1. Select Platform from the top menu bar
  2. Click Activities
  3. Click New Activity


  1. Add the Activity Name
  2. Click Save


Activity Settings 

The Activity Settings section allows you to add and remove fields for your Team Members to reference or complete each time they log a specific activity. 


Custom Field

The custom fields available are based on the setup of your company's account. 

  1. Select the Custom Object from Choose Object
  2. Select the Custom Field from Choose Field
  3. Optional - Change the Activity Display Name
    • This will allow you to change the name of the field on the activity 
  4. If a Team Member is required to complete the field to save the activity, update the Field is Required toggle
  5. Click Save



If you want to provide reference details for your team members while logging activities, you can add Custom Fields which have data already. The data will pre-populate in the activity.

Activity Field 

Activity Fields are set up for specific activities. These fields will be read-only once logged and will show on the timeline.

Information added to Activity Fields is not available when creating contact groups or automations.

  1. Add the Field Name
  2. Determine if a response to this Field is Required for the activity to be saved 
  3. Under Choose Field Type, select the format you would like to utilize
  4. Click Save


Ordering the Activity Settings

  1. Use the six dots to re-order the fields in the Activity
  2. Use the right arrow to extend the size of the field
  3. Use the "..." to Edit the Field, Hide the Field, Make Required, or Delete
  4. Change the Activity Display Name



You can notify team members via email or text each time the activity is logged. 


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