Add a Custom Object (Standard Object)

Standard Objects can be used to store static sets of data, for example, a list of Inventory or Current Accounts. A Standard Object does not include stages and, therefore, does not reflect a specific workflow. See more information on Custom Objects here.

Add a Custom Object

Follow the steps below to upload individual custom object records. 

  1. Click Data from the top menu bar.
  2. Click Custom Objects.
  3. Select New Object.


  1. Enter the Object Name.
    • Note: Objects cannot have the same name as an existing custom object (ex: Companies or Contacts)
  2. Enter the Entity Name.
    • Note: Also known as Record Name, this is what individual entities will be called.
    • Example: if the object name is "Apartments" the entity name might be called "Apartment." 
  3. Choose Object Type: Standard Object.


  1. Choose Where to Include the object.
    • Select Make Default on Activities to associate with logged or schedule activities.
  2. Add Related Objects.
  3. Record Customization.
    • Use the   to hide any items you do not want to show when you click into the Entity Card.


  1. Click Save.

Next, you will add Custom Fields, to track the unique details on your Custom Object. 


The system will not add Object Name "Companies" or Entity Name "Companies" to your account. If you need to track details on companies, please use the standard object type Companies. 


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