Custom Objects - Board View Settings

Custom Objects allow you track any information in Kizen. Custom Objects can be created as Standard Objects with rows and columns, or as a Workflow/Pipeline to track information as it moves through a series of stages. 

Table and Board View

Custom Objects created as a Workflow/Pipeline can be viewed as a board or as a table. 


Change from a table view to a board view with this toggle


Available Board View Settings

There are multiple options available to update the board view, based on your preferences. 

  • Stage Settings
    • Stage Summary Metric - The metric that will show on the stage header.
        • No Summary
        • # Records
        • Total $ Value
    • Stage Column Width
  • Card Display Customization - Change which fields display on the Entity Card, when viewing it from the Board.  
    • Add or Hide Fields to Display on the Entity Card.
      • Available Fields
        • Deal Name
        • Stage
        • Estimated Close Date
        • Deal Value
        • % Chance to Close - Low
        • % Chance to Close - High
        • Owner
        • Reasons Lost
        • Primary Location Record
        • Additional Location Records


Click on the   to hide the field and no longer display it on the Entity Card 

Edit Board View Settings

The board view Settings can be updated based on your preferences. Follow the steps below to edit the settings:

  1. Click Data from the Top Menu Bar.
  2. Click Custom Objects.
  3. Select the Object Name you would like to view.
    • Note: Objects that have an Object Type of "Pipeline" can be viewed as a board.


  1. Click on the   icon.
  2. Select Board View Settings.


  1. Make the necessary changes.
  2. Save.


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