Email Deliverability: Suppression List

A contact placed on a Suppression List will not be sent emails via Kizen: initiated individually or in bulk, manually or by an automation


To view contacts Email Status, use Contact Groups. For more information on email status options see this article.

Suppression List: Hard Bounce

The contact will be placed on a Suppression List permanently as a result of a spam compliant or invalid email address - this is considered a "hard bounce". The contact will no longer be emailed via Kizen.

Suppression List: Soft Bounce

If an email cannot be delivered to the Contact because of a full inbox or OOO responders - this is considered a "soft bounce".  

After an email to the contact soft bounces 2 times, they are added to the Suppression List. 14 days later the contact is removed from the suppression list, and emails can sent to the contact. If soft bounce occurs again once, the contact is re-added to the suppression list. 


Moving contacts out of the Suppression designation manually is not available. Reach out to Kizen Support for assistance.

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