Contacts: Email Status

Email Status on a Contact record indicates if email communication can be sent via Kizen: initiated individually or in bulk, manually or by an automation. 

Email status options

  • Not Opted In (default): a contact has yet to agree to receive emails.
  • Opted In: a contact has explicitly agreed to receive emails sent from your brand.
  • Opted Out: a contact has Opted Out from a specific Subscription list. 
  • Unsubscribed from All: a contact has opted out from receiving marketing communication from all Subscription lists. 


Contact's email status updates from Unsubscribed to Opted In must be changed ONE AT A TIME. (Mass updates are not enabled to change email statuses from Unsubscribed to Opted In).

  • Suppression List: a result of a spam complaint, a hard bounce (e.g. invalid email address), or a repeated soft bounce (e.g. OOO/inbox is full). The contact will no longer be emailed. For additional information on the Suppression list, see this article.


Moving contacts out of the Suppression List designation is not available for the user. Reach out to Kizen Support for assistance.

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