Dashlets: Sales Leaderboard

The Sales Leaderboard dashlet allows you to view team member's progress toward sales goals. 



Read the Sales Leaderboard Dashlet

  • Green sections of the leaderboard indicate records that have are in a won on the Pipeline
  • Red sections of the leaderboard indicate a deal member is below their goal
  • Blue sections of the leaderboard indicate projections for the current timeframe
    • Forecasts are weighted average of the deal value and the stage's % chance to close
    • Setting your timeframe to historical dates will not show projections

Add the Sales Leaderboard Dashlet

  1. From your Dashboard, select Add Dashlet


  1. Select Pipelines
  2. Choose the Pipeline you would like to view
  3. Choose the Report Type: Sales Leaderboard with Projections
  4. Select how to view the dashlet
    1. # of Records - Total number of records for each Team Member
    2. $ Value of Records - Total value of the records for each Team Member
  5. Optional: Name your Dashlet
  6. Click Add


Team Member Goals

  • Team Member goals are set up in the Team, Roles and Permissions section of your account. 
  • Team Member Goal are amortized over the selected timeframe

    • i.e. If the Team Member's annual goal is $146,000 and your timeframe on the dashlet is set to 60 days, the goal is set to $24,000 = $146,000 * [60/365]

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