Dashlets: Creating Operations Dashlets

The Dashboard allows users to create specific dashlets to visualize data and insights. Dashlets live within the dashboard and are small components that provide display-only snapshots of measurable results. Users can create dashlets to existing dashboards to suit their business needs. The Dashlet creator leads you through a series of steps involved in creating and publishing a dashlet. Use the following steps to create a new dashlet: 


Adding an Activity Dashlet:

1. Click on the Dashboard tab

2. Click “Add Dashlet” 


3. Select the Dashlet type for your desired dashlet:

    • Activities
      • Scheduled activities - this will show all activities you are scheduled to complete
    •  Pipelines
      • Choose the pipeline/workflow you’d like to create a dashlet for

4. Configure the dashlet as desired 


Dashlet Report Types:

  • Deal Records Added: detailed view of all new deals added to your pipeline, with adjustable dates.
  • Deal Records Lost: detailed view of all deals lost in your pipeline, with adjustable dates.
  • Opportunity Conversion: bar chart view of all deals broken down by stage.
  • Sales Leaderboard with Projections: bar chart view of all team member deals with projected closing forecast.
  • Pipeline Value Overtime: line graph view of pipelines overtime. 

5. Click Add Dashlet


6. The dashlet will now appear on your dashboard


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