Send Emails from your Custom Domain

The Domain & Tracking section of your account allows you to manage your company's out-of-the-box integrations with Kizen. Here you can setup website tracking to view contacts' impressions, add web application tracking to monitor your contacts' visits, verify your email domain, and create your custom subdomain.  

Email Domain Overview

By default, emails sent from Kizen come from By verifying your custom email domain, recipients of the email will see the sender being from your company. 

It's a little complicated so, here's an example:

  • Email sent from Kizen with a non-verified email domain:
    • Sender will be:
  • Email sent from Kizen with a verified email domain:
    • Sender will be:

   The Big Takeaway: We highly recommend verifying your email domain before sending emails through Kizen. This helps prevent confusion with your customers and emails from going to spam. 

Verify Your Email Domain

  1. Click Settings from the main toolbar.
  2. Click Domain & Tracking from the top menu. 
  3. Within the Send Email from Your Domain section, enter your domain
  4. Within the Send Email from Your Domain section, enter your email address
  5. Click Add Domain


  1. Go to the DNS provider that you use to manage your domain and add the following DNS records.
  2. Once your domain's DNS has been verified and the Status column reads Found, we will send you an email with verification link that will complete the setup process.
  3. Click the verification link and confirm that the page reads: "Your domain is verified and ready to send emails! You may close this window." 


You can now send emails through Kizen, using your email domain!


Common DNS providers are GoDaddy, NameCheap, Network Solutions, Rackspace, and Amazon Route 53.


All emails should be sent from an email address with a domain that matches the verified email domain. 


  • If the verified email domain is, an email should be sent from
  • If the email was sent from, the recipient would see the email as
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