Contact Group Filter Types

There are various filter types to allow you to segment your contacts. These filters are also known as Contact Groups. 

Contact Group Filter Types

The below filters are available to create Contact Groups. 

  • Tags: Search whether a contact "Has Tag", "Doesn't Have Tag", "Contains Any Of", or "Contains None Of."

  • Activities: Search based on if a contact has had an activity logged during a timeframe by a specific team member.
  • Surveys: Search whether a contact completed survey, or if they were satisfied or unsatisfied.
  • Forms: Search whether a contact has completed a form. 
  • Pipelines: Search based on if a contact is associated with a deal in a pipeline.
  • Team Associations: Search based on the team member(s) that have interacted with a contact.
  • Commerce: Search across purchases, subscriptions, and invoices. Deepen your search across specific timeframes and products. 
  • Lead Sources: Search based on the first or all lead sources, as well as the specific source a contact came from. 
  • Automations: Search whether a contact is currently on, completed, or have never been on a specific automation. 
  • Messages: Search based on a message that has been sent to a contact. Deepen the search by also selecting the status of the message (delivered, opened, clicked link, opened attachment, not delivered, didn't open, didn't click link, or didn't open attachment). 
  • Interaction: Search based on a contact's interactions (impression, click, or custom) with your company.
  • Fields: Search whether specific fields contain or don't contain specific values.

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